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Press-Locked Grating Load Tables


Deflection Data

Utilise the following table to select the appropriate grating profile for your application and project specifications. The current or proposed span should be reviewed in conjunctions with the load bar direction.

To download this table, please visit the Downloads section of the website, or click here.

Correct Span

Incorrect SPAN


Spans to the left of the red line have a deflection of less than 5mm for a 4kPa uniformly distributed load, which is a limiting deflection for pedestrian comfort.

1. the weights shown above include zinc coating and banding for Load Bars over 1mm.
2. considering the safety coefficient, the maximum allowable stress uses α= 1.4 x 105 KN/m2
U = Safe Superimposed Uniformly Distributed Load in Kilopascals (kPa or kN/m2)
D = Maximum Deflection in Millimetres (mm)

1. The Load Bar Sheet is calculated based on Load Bar Pitch of 33.3mm.
Other dimensions are also available.  Please contact our sales and marketing office.
2. The spans above are for easy referencing.  There is no size limit for grating length selection.

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