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Steel Grating Load Tables from Webforge

Steel Grating

Webforge Steel Grating Deflection Data

Utilise the following table to select the appropriate grating profile for your application and project specifications. The current or proposed span should be reviewed in conjunctions with the load bar direction.

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Correct Span

Incorrect SPAN

Spans in the darker shading (to the left of the heavy line) have a deflection of less than 5mm for a 4kPa uniformly distributed load.
Mass shown are untreated and unbanded.
Galvanising and banding will increase the mass as follows;
A/B Pattern 12% nominal
C/D Pattern 14% nominal
F Pattern 16% nominal
Load deflection tables are arranged in rising strength order.  See the 4kPa, 5mm deflection column.
U = Superimposed uniformly distributed load in kPa (100kg/m2 = 0.98kPa)
D = deflection in mm for the load U
Assumptions for load capacity is on single spans
Based on allowable stress of 171 mPa for steel.
Recommended minimum landing is equal to grating depth greater than or equal to 25mm.

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